The Picnic

Almost one month in and I have already grown in a way that I never could have imagined. I literally feel as though my soul and my body have found a way to one another. I must admit that I realize that this life decision to just pack up and move to Israel doesn’t just affect me, it has affected my family and friends and clients. I chose to take a leap of faith and accidentally pulled  everyone else on the journey  with me, even, if only in spirit.

So far my journey has included highs and lows, small victories and small mistakes, being able to communicate  with my eyes and a smile  until I enroll  in ulpan (conversational  Hebrew class) and hopefully  learn enough to be able to complete  a few sentences. My journey so far has seen me on the beach and eating amazing food with some awesome friends. My son came for taglit /birthright  and stayed a couple of weeks  over and that was so nice to just be able to spend  time with him and his eighteen  year old miniman  self. 

As I go into the next thirty days of my journey, I am praying  for strength  and a new job…. STAY TUNED


Week recap

So here I  stand, one week ago today, I landed in Israel… it’s been an experience so far.. I have relaxed on the beach and I have tried to place some sense  of normalcy  back into my existence. For now I am settled in a space of getting to know my surroundings. I am preparing myself for that stage of growth and it’s exciting  and scary. Let’s see what life throws in my path next

5am thoughts 


So much to say in such a short amount  of time. Well, as of now I am all set to leave the place I have called home for the last 20ish years of my life. I, as you know have made a huge decision  to move to another country. Why you may ask? WHY NOT, I say in response. The easy way to understand my decision  is to look at my life and to understand  that it’s customized  to who I am……..

 I am Israel  Chai

Today I follow my heart

Today is August 2,2106 and I am officially making Aliyah. My nerves  are high but not as high as I expected  them to be because it really just feels like I am going home. I asked Hashem  to open my heart and to allow me to receive his energy and to just be still and listen. This journey has not been easy at all but it has been beautiful and like a patchwork  blanket, has been woven with love and trust in my creator. I truly have no idea how coming home is going to be but I know that this is where I am supposed to be.

 Today started out early and almost uncertain. I got up and worked out and repacked my luggage  and then I arrived at the airport  and a small rainbow appeared in my heart as the final clue that I made the right decision. I went through  El AL security which was intense but I waited it out because I know anything  worth having is worth waiting for. 

I sit in my beautiful  window  seat, 51A to be exact, and about 6 hours into  my flight and I can’t wait to touch the Israeli  ground because then I will know it’s really real. New friends and new experiences  await me..


time is flying by

I literally have so much to say but I’m so excited I don’t know how to say it…. WELL, here goes,  I’m moving to Israe!!!!I have been approved for my Aliyah, booked my  flight and my Visa is on its way . As I take this time to reflect on the decision that I have made for myself I take this time to also reflect on the changes in my life that got me to this point in the beginning. Who knew that a little bout with cancer would put me on a journey  towards something magical

Starting over in a new place

Wow… so it has been a while. I have been living more and writing less. I took my pilot trip to Israel and IT was just as magical as I knew it would be . I had the time of my life but I also know this journey will have some funny



and probably some what did I just do moments.

You know what is really interesting  to me? When I tell people I am moving and want a change, most people say it’s not going to be the same life you have… I’m like duh, I know that. That’s why it’s called change.  Why must we need comfort and complacency  to feel safe? I’m not sure but I am ready for an adventure  of a lifetime