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Haifa the city of the future!!!!!:

Look at this beautiful place


It is not WHY, for me it is WHY NOT

The most beautiful thing about personal choice is that it is,  ummm let me say this , a personal choice. Everything is NOT For Everyone.  So each time someone ask me WHY Israel, my response is going to be WHY NOT?

In 2016, G-d willing, my son will be graduating from high school and on his way to college. When that happens and I pray every night, that it does, I will be ready to get on that airplane and  I plan on making it my personal business to integrate myself into ISRAELI life and society.  I’m thinking big worldly thoughts and when that happens with me I can’t be stopped. In yoga today I prayed  and thanked G-d for getting me this far and for giving me the right mind to follow my heart. So yes, it’s not a WHY, it’s a big WHY NOT

what comes first, the chicken or the egg?

Alright, the way this writing thing is going to work for me is that i just write whats on my mind. UNEDITED besides a random spell check. If you are looking for a pulitzer prize while reading this material you are going to be disappointed. Anywho, let me carry on; here goes……

I have decided as you all probably know by now to make Aliyah. What is the first thing I do? Who do I talk to? Do I need to travel to this great place of Milk and Honey to find out where to reside here or do I go the grocery store and stand in the Kosher aisle and get my motivation there? Hmm i have no idea but the best way for me to be successful in my future endeavor is to start doing what I do best…… TALK ABOUT IT and to everyone that will listen.

♥I have already started my application process and have so many things to do. Really two years sounds so far away but it really is not. If any of you have ever raised a child, you know exactly what I mean. It sneaks up on you and before you know it BAM, you are in another country and your kid is all grown up. That is all for now but i had to ask myself. Sister, what comes first, the chicken or the egg? until next time♥

Aliyah: The Lift

I just started my application process. How exciting

Vanessa Brooks CEO Blog

So, you’re making aliyah, and you’ve decided to send a lift. You pick a 20ft container or a 40ft container, and then you try to figure out how to fill it up. If you’re already paying for a whole container, fill it to the brim, no point leaving empty space.
I took an informal poll (read I posted in a number of Facebook groups for Olim) to find out what people from North America wished they had brought more of on their lift, and what items they wish they hadn’t bothered with.
Things got heated, as they do on Facebook. It’s a very personal thing. Once the threads deteriorated into bashing people who bring a lifetime’s supply of white tuna and toilet paper, I simply took the information that was relevant to me, and started writing this post.

I’m not going to discuss furniture. I think that’s a very individual…

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This is so awesome and helpful. I’m a jewish woman that cannot wait to get to Israel. Now I just need to figure which city works for mw

Timothy, Laura, & Evelyn Mann

Just hanging out at the beach Just hanging out at Haifa beach…

As our time in Israel is coming to an end, here are a few things we have loved about living in Israel, and some things we have not, along with a few tips.


  • People. We have made a lot of great friends here in Israel. They have made our time much more enjoyable.
  • History. It’s been so cool to see places from the bible and from other points in history.
  • Cafés! Tim and I really enjoy having breakfast at local cafés. Our two favorites are: Israeli Breakfast (eggs, salad, bread, and tapenades and jam with coffee and juice. So good! And Shakshuka (a spicy tomato stew with poached eggs) served with bread, coffee and juice.
  • The beach! Warm water, nice promenades, tasty restaurants, and beautiful sunsets.
  • The weather! Not as hot or cold as Texas, with lots of sunshine and cool breezes.
  • Coffee.

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Well look at what we have here.  I have decided to make Aliyah. This is going to be huge. Yes I’m nervous about doing something new but I’m so excited because this is what I feel my heart is longing for, the missing piece to the puzzle, the peanut butter to the jelly, the nerves are not an issue! It has been a long wonderful year and I’m going to top it off embracing the fact that in 2016, G-d willing I will be in Israel and on my way to a wonderful journey!   Just typing those word makes me extremely giddy and Happy. Stay tuned♡