Well 2014…

You have come and gone and Baruch Hashem,  I’m still in the building.  My last year’s battle with breast cancer was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I mean some people may never understand that statement but hey, it’s my story. I always wanted to make Aliyah and this life changing event was the push that I needed. 2014 has taught me to just let life be. Live and love to the fullest capacity and do what the hell you want to do. What I want is a new space.  I want adventure.  I need it. I am from this MOMENT embracing this new journey to the Holy land.  I know it won’t be easy but I will still have a smile on my face because I am doing what is right for me!  Thank you all for reading my words and I hope you all hold on to what I know is going to be a fun ride!
Goodbye 2014
HELLO 2015


My eyes light up, can you see that sparkle the way I can?

so here i sit inside the starbucks on a cold and wet afternoon. i am just writing what comes to my mind. what comes to my mind is how i never have liked using the shift key to capitalize things when i write. it slows me down and as i sit here with a grande 2 pump triple shot chestnut praline latte, you and i both know good and well i would be no good use to the world if i tried to slow down. well as i carry on with my writing i think about what making aliyah means to me. i really can’t express it the way i want to because i don’t know how. it’s that draw to what we call the holy land. it’s that longing to be near the east. to return to the place that it all started. i can only imagine what it is going to feel like to walk where my ancestors walked, to stand at the western wall and insert prayers for my family back home in the cracks. to be in a city where there are tons of jews just being jewish. to go to a store and fight with others over the last challah or as i have been informed, to fight my way to the front of the super market line on Shabbat. what is really crazy is the first time i will actually visit Israel will be on my pilot trip. i have a few specific places that i want to target but of course i will see Jerusalem. no i dont think i want to live there but i like any other jew that will travel that far kind of thinks it is a rite of passage. i am ready, at least in my mind to live that life. whatever “that” life may be. i am saying it. you heard it from the horse’s mouth. g-d willing, i will be there and i will be writing from that land of milk and honey. i hope it is everything i want it to be. no wait i know it is everything i want it to, i just need to get out there and start living what i am writing. have a beautiful day guysthink israel

Thinking of the day

Sand and Ocean….All I can think of is the Israeli sand and the water. How warm the sand of my people will feel between my toes.  Will it be magic? Will it burn my feet? Will it sparkle like gold and smell like honey? Will the water feel like oil or silk? These things I think of and so much more when I think about what my journey will be like. Yes I know it is really busy and backwards and different from the United States yes I’ve heard that the rent is high and the taxes are high but everytime I hear something that is meant to deter I mean inform me, I can’t help feel but that is still the place that I need to be. My soul is long for it… So while I am very aware that there’s a land for my people that there’s always A possibility of war I’m still convinced that this beautiful land of milk and honey is for




“Oleh Week – Shavua HaOleh 2014” in Jerusalem

This was a nice read


Source: Janglo

This year’s “Oleh Week – Shavua HaOleh” is starting tomorrow. An event with music, arts and all kinds of documentaries and lectures on Israel’s history of immigration. For those of you who are interested, here is a schedule: 
Generally speaking, almost every Israeli or at least his parents or grandparents made Aliyah (a Jew immigrating to Israel) at a certain point in their lives. However, I have met quite a few Israelis who told me that they look back at an ancestry of seven or more generations in the country.
I read somewhere that every year, about 2500 new immigrants (Olim) settle in Jerusalem. I assume that the vast majority actually prefers Tel Aviv due to the better job situation. Tel Aviv is expensive, rents are incredible high but there are still more jobs available than in the capital. The salary is also higher but take…

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As I come upon night 4

Wow, it has been a beautiful holiday so far.  Everytime I light our chanukiah I think about all of the individuals that were unable to light theirs in public.  I think of those that are no longer here that came before me. It’s a beautiful thing I say to myself. 
All of these emotions I feel are just small  internal reminders  of who I am.

So I have been trying my best to learn  Conversational Hebrew.  Whew. It’s hard work. Yes it is. Deep inside I know that the best way to learn is immersion but man, I want to go to the Holy land with more than just L’Chayim, L’Shalom,  Shalom, Chag Sameach and a few more.  I know I’ll get the drift but I’m on the hard core hunt for some Texas Israelis that I can at least say Boker Tov to when I wake. Haha. Stay tuned. 
For now I am signing off with Korim Li sookar chum. Bay
That says the call me or my name is brownsugar. Bye..




So just today a friend put this photo on my Facebook page with a simple caption of



I  couldn’t find a better way to honor her other than writing my feelings regarding this photo.  It means everything to me. It speaks to me and tells my story so eloquently!  Thank you for seeing my vision  dear friend. thank you