Well here we are in 2015

It’s three days into the new year and I am already having some great experiences.  This thing called making Aliyah is stirring up everyone’s pot. Why, I have no idea but I think that anytime you change course people get nervous. I think that’s a very human thing but why are people nervous about an experience that someone else chooses.  I don’t know but I think it’s really interesting.  So let’s cut to my latest experience.
Here we go. Ok when I decided that I wanted to make Aliyah, I took a big breath and started to do research. Before I even filled out my nefesh b nefesh application I knew this was going to be a wild ride. What I wasn’t prepared for was the non support from those that matter. I needed the rabbi that converted me on board (he’s not) because not only do I have to show my Judaism, like every other olim, but because I chose this life my Rebbe (teacher) needs to share small details about my study. Not a big deal but he doesn’t support it and that is the most frustrating part of this whole beginning process.  I am adding that tidbit because I have to say that the Rabbi’s where I daven (pray) are the best human beings in the world and while they know (because all rabbis have history with Israel,  because they have to live a year at minimum as part of their education) I am up for an uphill but fulfilling battle,  G-d wiling, they are super supportive. Ok so all of that has to be on the  table before I really start the story.. (wait, all this typing and still no story.ha)
So I have a wonderful lady Rabbi who like really is the best in the land.  Her dad is a Rabbi and her family is great. Her boyfriend, whom I swear will be her husband one day is Israeli and super awesome. On shabbat she has family,  boyfriend and his friend, also Israeli, visiting our synagogue.  After services, we all talk and I am excited about the four words I know so I say in Hebrew,  korim li sukar chum, which means my name is brownsugar.  He laughs, we all laugh and he says you speak Hebrew I say umm yes only four words. My beloved Rabbi B says yes, she’s making aliyah and this kid shouts out you are going to have a hard time in Israel… I’m like here it comes; “because your BLACK he says. “black people get discrimination there really bad.” Now this man doesn’t know me from Adam and had I been anyone else I could have cried foul but I knew deep inside that he was trying to be helpful. But if only I had a bravo camera for Rabbi B’s moms face omg that was the highlight of the conversation.  Long story short he wanted me to not romanticize my journey. He wanted me to have cold hard facts. Which I am learning everyday because I am aquainting myself with people from several communities, many of them are Jews of color just like myself. Non Ashkenazi(eastern European or the jews that bought us all the culture you see dominating the states, just think bagels and Lox, which I love and adore) Alrighty then so now that we have all of this cleared out and in the open, the moral of the story is that while I am grateful for those that are interested in my journey, I want people to recognize that it’s annoying when you put your fears and worries onto another person.  I welcome your questions but I am working this out in my head as well. Even I dont have all the answers.Ask me anything you want but keep your fears to yourself because after all, I’m the one taking the big “RISK”