What it means to me…Not you but me

Right now as I lay recuperating I have a lot of things to think about one thing that I’m consistently thinking about is what it means to be a Jewish woman and I mean not what the world thinks of me but what I think of myself! It has been really interesting because I’ve grown since I have made the decision to return legally and physically to the place that I think that I have always been but just did not know it yet. I’m a hairstylist so i’m always working on Saturdays and I always felt something missing I want to take Shabbat off, that is important to me. I now know that with  having a small breast cancer scare and still being in the eye of the storm as I type this today. I have really figured that out so when I return to work I will work an alternate day instead of Saturday, mission accomplished!Okay also I have always wanted to be a little bit more observant in the way that I eat…. I mean I don’t eat pork or shellfish,I look at labels and buy kosher items but I am truly not what I want to be as far as KASHRUT. And I don’t want any of that rabbinical fenced-in style ruling stuff, I want what Hashem knows lies in my heart. I want to think about every time I pick up a piece of food I want to be reminded of who I am I really feel like I have started that super cautiously now but I guess there’s always room for improvement (said in my sarcastic voice) anywho I know this is a blog about me and my Aliyah process but the best part of making Aliyah is not just saying you want to go, it is all of the small intricate thoughts that go with that decision, so I decided I would just share some of my craziness with all of you (and by all I mean two people.haha) I hope I can continue to tighten my relationship with the very being that allows me to be here every day!
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