I am embracing my feelings about my decisions.  Guess what; nothing is concrete.  Living as I go…. ideal?  Meh, maybe not but that’s the beauty of it all


i keep hearing about this grocery store situation

Is it true? Will I be pushing my way through the stores erev shabbat…… every week? Will I need to just go to the shuk during the week? What’s the real deal with the food thing? Well besides Jews and food go together so well but I mean why can’t I just shop every Wednesday or something? Hmm, if it were that easy I guess I wouldn’t be writing about it right? I gotta catch up but I kind of feel like the catching up is going to happen when I arrive. Gd willing

Half a Year Down

6 months is a milestone for some. love this

Vanessa Brooks CEO Blog

We’ve been here 6 months now.

At 6 months in, it still takes over an hour to go grocery shopping. Even with a car.

At 6 months in, it still takes a long time and a lot of paper just to deposit a check.

At 6 months in, I still hate that there is school on Sundays AND Fridays. (Should be one or the other)

At 6 months in, I still hate how people park in 2 spots at the mall, so no one scratches their car.

At 6 months in, customer service is still non-existent in most places.

At 6 months in, I still pretend I can’t speak Hebrew, if I think it will help my cause.

But, we’ve been here 6 months now.

At 6 months in, I can tell you which supermarket is open super early, and which one doesn’t open until 9am.

At 6 months in…

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