Pick a spot


I have no idea where I will end up but on my pilot trip I plan on looking at Haifa, Hadera, Nahariya and just for dreaming purposes, Tel Aviv. I have been working on my application at the pace of a turtle but it’s getting done, nonetheless.  Each day I know I will be where I will be but for now…. I am picking a spot




So I have been reading all of this madness  about reform jews and this and that and I immediately popped an email to my Aliyah advisor who is helping me along the way on my journey. She got back with me swiftly. I am so happy I have someone in Israel guiding me.  I used to have a different advisor who I really liked but this diva is new to me. She’s on it so obviously that’s how Nefesh B Nefesh rolls. I’m excited;  I still have tons of work to do but Hashem willing,  this brown sugar jew is well on her way to starting a new adventure.  I am hopeful that this will be fun and challenging all in one big ball. Life isn’t about complacency for me it’s about living and being the best human being that I can be. I’m nervous but in a good way because deep inside of myself I KNOW I am going to be just fine ♡♡