One step closer

On Friday November  13th I had my interview  with the Jewish agency. Wow is all I can say. I received the 20th degree to get past security but I remained  calm and answered  all questions  that were asked. I only broke one sweat but hey I did just walk 10 plus NYC blocks to get there. I mean don’t  let me act like I wasn’t nervous because I was but I also felt  a sense of calm and I felt  safe. The security  guards were amazing  and seriously  Israeli. We talked in my broken Hebrew and I was allowed back to see my Shaliach. Oh wait I forgot  to tell you security  asked if I had any electronic  devices  besides my phone and I said a big NO. Haha well I forgot that I had my ipad  in my purse from the day before due to travel so off goes my purse for a special check. I was like oh damn.


But needless  to say I made it through  security  20 minutes later. Everything  after that was amazing, the security  guys were cool and my shaliach  was everything  I thought  he would be. His name is Zohar and he just told it like it was and took all of my paperwork.  I am truly excited about following my light. Hashem willing,  I will be in Israel  this time in 2016. Let  the journey begin


Part one today


I am so excited that I have this today, Hashem willing and then tommorow  I have my appointment  with the Jewish Agency. My excitement…….  #babysteps