It’s all becoming so real and I still have ten months to go

Well let’s see… what all has happened since the last time I shared my thoughts? I really don’t know but what I do know is that making Aliya is becoming real more and more each day!
On my journey, so far, my application has been completed along with me recieving some informative paperwork after meeting with my shaliach(advisor) at the Jewish Agency in New York City and I also met one of many of my amazing advisors at nefesh B nefesh named Miriam who made aliyah just like me a few years earlier. I realize that I am operating on nothing but pure faith hoping that everything will be ok and trusting in my decision to follow my light and praying that Hashem will guide me continually in the correct direction. Until then I will continue to write about it and share with the world including typos and horrible edits!♡


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