Pilot trip

So where do I begin?

I finally booked my pilot trip to Israel. This is going to be fun but really short. I am only going to be in the Holy land a week and I’m already feeling like I don’t want to leave. Wait, I haven’t  even left yet. Anywho. I am going to be on an intensely strict budget because that’s what life will look like for me when I finally move there, maybe  not forever  but until I integrate  myself into my new life.

Ok so far I have an inexpensive, like 30 bucks a day, air bnb on the beach in Haifa. I have plans to couch surf with a California  native that attends the  local university(look at me, I already sound Israeli or at least non american)   in Haifa. Yes guys, I’ll be in a dorm room. How much fun will that be. Ummmm yup, a 42 year old drunk mom in a dorm. This is already getting juicy. Ok let’s see… Oh I have shabbat dinner plans in Hadera  which is a little north and I have a few café dates and plans to look around. I’m uber excited and can’t wait to share my journey with you all. Israel, ready or not… HERE I COME