Today I follow my heart

Today is August 2,2106 and I am officially making Aliyah. My nerves  are high but not as high as I expected  them to be because it really just feels like I am going home. I asked Hashem  to open my heart and to allow me to receive his energy and to just be still and listen. This journey has not been easy at all but it has been beautiful and like a patchwork  blanket, has been woven with love and trust in my creator. I truly have no idea how coming home is going to be but I know that this is where I am supposed to be.

 Today started out early and almost uncertain. I got up and worked out and repacked my luggage  and then I arrived at the airport  and a small rainbow appeared in my heart as the final clue that I made the right decision. I went through  El AL security which was intense but I waited it out because I know anything  worth having is worth waiting for. 

I sit in my beautiful  window  seat, 51A to be exact, and about 6 hours into  my flight and I can’t wait to touch the Israeli  ground because then I will know it’s really real. New friends and new experiences  await me..



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