The Picnic

Almost one month in and I have already grown in a way that I never could have imagined. I literally feel as though my soul and my body have found a way to one another. I must admit that I realize that this life decision to just pack up and move to Israel doesn’t just affect me, it has affected my family and friends and clients. I chose to take a leap of faith and accidentally pulled  everyone else on the journey  with me, even, if only in spirit.

So far my journey has included highs and lows, small victories and small mistakes, being able to communicate  with my eyes and a smile  until I enroll  in ulpan (conversational  Hebrew class) and hopefully  learn enough to be able to complete  a few sentences. My journey so far has seen me on the beach and eating amazing food with some awesome friends. My son came for taglit /birthright  and stayed a couple of weeks  over and that was so nice to just be able to spend  time with him and his eighteen  year old miniman  self. 

As I go into the next thirty days of my journey, I am praying  for strength  and a new job…. STAY TUNED


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