Pilot trip anyone




Pilot trip

So where do I begin?

I finally booked my pilot trip to Israel. This is going to be fun but really short. I am only going to be in the Holy land a week and I’m already feeling like I don’t want to leave. Wait, I haven’t  even left yet. Anywho. I am going to be on an intensely strict budget because that’s what life will look like for me when I finally move there, maybe  not forever  but until I integrate  myself into my new life.

Ok so far I have an inexpensive, like 30 bucks a day, air bnb on the beach in Haifa. I have plans to couch surf with a California  native that attends the  local university(look at me, I already sound Israeli or at least non american)   in Haifa. Yes guys, I’ll be in a dorm room. How much fun will that be. Ummmm yup, a 42 year old drunk mom in a dorm. This is already getting juicy. Ok let’s see… Oh I have shabbat dinner plans in Hadera  which is a little north and I have a few café dates and plans to look around. I’m uber excited and can’t wait to share my journey with you all. Israel, ready or not… HERE I COME

Pilot trip here I come

Today was a good day. A big day. I booked my trip to Israel. A super saver but I still had to rub two shekel  together to make it work. Funny how  being broke can make you feel free and take the weight off of your shoulders. That’s how I felt today when I booked my ticket. Haifa here I come. Bad edits and all

It’s all becoming so real and I still have ten months to go

Well let’s see… what all has happened since the last time I shared my thoughts? I really don’t know but what I do know is that making Aliya is becoming real more and more each day!
On my journey, so far, my application has been completed along with me recieving some informative paperwork after meeting with my shaliach(advisor) at the Jewish Agency in New York City and I also met one of many of my amazing advisors at nefesh B nefesh named Miriam who made aliyah just like me a few years earlier. I realize that I am operating on nothing but pure faith hoping that everything will be ok and trusting in my decision to follow my light and praying that Hashem will guide me continually in the correct direction. Until then I will continue to write about it and share with the world including typos and horrible edits!♡

One step closer

On Friday November  13th I had my interview  with the Jewish agency. Wow is all I can say. I received the 20th degree to get past security but I remained  calm and answered  all questions  that were asked. I only broke one sweat but hey I did just walk 10 plus NYC blocks to get there. I mean don’t  let me act like I wasn’t nervous because I was but I also felt  a sense of calm and I felt  safe. The security  guards were amazing  and seriously  Israeli. We talked in my broken Hebrew and I was allowed back to see my Shaliach. Oh wait I forgot  to tell you security  asked if I had any electronic  devices  besides my phone and I said a big NO. Haha well I forgot that I had my ipad  in my purse from the day before due to travel so off goes my purse for a special check. I was like oh damn.


But needless  to say I made it through  security  20 minutes later. Everything  after that was amazing, the security  guys were cool and my shaliach  was everything  I thought  he would be. His name is Zohar and he just told it like it was and took all of my paperwork.  I am truly excited about following my light. Hashem willing,  I will be in Israel  this time in 2016. Let  the journey begin