The first step is always the hardest

Just figuring out that I had to follow my dream has been a journey in itself. I don’t know if I had not been diagnosed with breast CANCER if I would have followed the breadcrumbs to the Holy land that have been in my heart. It started as a spark  and is building up to be  a full fledged bonfire. I always  listen to my mind and the signs of the universe and  I take life events that have happened to me very seriously as small signs of something good to come. That’s my personal belief and that is how I live my life.  My life has changed so dramatically in the past year or two and I am convinced that there is a reason for it all. I whole heartedly am making a big step of all steps and at the end of the day I have Faith in my creator and I am thankful that he/she instilled in me something special.  The ability to stay true to self and follow my heart. I hope and pray that you, the reader of my Journey can find your Inner light because it’s a beautiful thing.



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